What is a WSAC®

WSAC processThe WSAC® system is one of the most efficient and durable evaporative coolers available.

How WSAC® systems work:

In a WSAC® system, warm process fluids or vapors are cooled in a closed-loop tube bundle (the process fluid being cooled never comes in contact with the outside air). Open loop water is sprayed and air is induced over the tube bundle resulting in the cooling effect. Some examples of cooling applications are:

CoolingWSAC system process

  • Water
  • Glycol
  • Oil
  • Fuel
  • Gases


  • Steam
  • Ammonia
  • Propylene
  • Butane

WSAC Diagram

The Basics:

  1. Air is induced downward over the tube bundles.
  2. Water is sprayed over the bundles, and travels downward along with the air.
  3. A warm process stream (liquids, vapors, or hydrocarbons) flows through tube bundle. Heat from the process stream is released to the cascading water, and a cooled process stream exits.
  4. Vaporization transfers heat from cascading water to the air stream.
  5. The air stream is forced to turn 180° providing maximum free water removal
  6. Fans discharge air vertically at a high velocity to minimize recirculation

Outstanding Performance:co-current

The WSAC® system is one of the most efficient and durable evaporative coolers available. A WSAC® system can cool a process fluid to within 5oF of the surrounding wet bulb temperature.

The wet bulb temperature is the lowest temperature that can be obtained by evaporating water into the air. The wet bulb is determined by a combination of relative humidity and ambient air temperature. For example if the relative humidity is 60%, and the ambient air temperature is 70oF, the corresponding wet bulb temperature is 61oF. Over the past 100+ years, TTG has mastered the art of designing each cooler specifically to the needs of each application.

 Liquid cooling

  • Up to max inlet temp of 180°F

Single phase gas cooling

  • Up to max inlet temp of 450°F

Turbine exhaust vacuum steam condensing

  • As low as 1.8” HgA min

The WSAC® cooler or condenser operates with induced draft co-current flow, which means that the air and spray water are both traveling in a downward direction across the tube bundle. This configuration ensures that spray water is evenly distributed over the entire tube surface and essentially minimizes the risk for fouling.

Other cooling methods use a counter-current flow, (air traveling up and spray water traveling down). This creates turbulence on the bottom of the tube. This turbulence results in incomplete distribution of the spray water over the tubes, which leads directly to fouling of the tube surface and a drop off in thermal performance.

As the cascading spray water mixes with the air, an equilibrium temperature forms as the water evaporates to the air, thus the warmed air and water mix together in the plenum/basin area providing inherent freeze protection during operation. Heaters can be included for non-operational cycles.

Variations:Uniform Spray Pattern

TTG offers two variations of WSAC® systems.

Prepackaged TTG units, like the one pictured above, is designed as a single skid with no field assembly required. These units can be shipped directly to the job site for easy and immediate installation.

Field erected units like the one pictured above are the largest design type TTG offers. Constructed using either concrete or FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic), field erected TTG units offer the ability to cool high volumes of process fluid in a smaller plot area (footprint) than a traditional cooling tower

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. Observation and maintenance of the spray water distribution system can be accomplished without structure entry, fan shut down, or pump shutdown, providing 24 hour operation. Access doors and hatches also allow for cleaning and inspection of the lower water basin.

Custom Designed:

Each WSAC® cooler or condenser is custom designed to fit a particular application. Design parameters are based on customer specifications for input and output temperatures as well as average weather conditions. All WSAC® units are tailored to meet the unique needs of the most demanding applications in the world.

Transition from existing technology to WSAC®

  1. Take a typical cooling tower and shell and tube heat exchanger. With a large circulating loop pump.
  2. Scrap the cooling water loop and strip away the shell from the tubes.  And get rid of the cooling tower fill. No more fouling. The WSAC® has wide spaced tubes and an open loop spray system, debris scrubbed from the air simply is washed into basin.
  3. Move the exposed tube bundle over the cooling tower basin.
  4. Relocate the cooling tower sprays directly above the exposed tubes.
  5. Place the fan plenum adjacent to the tube bundle and add some casing panels to the bundle.       Swap out the large circulation pump, for a smaller recirculation spray pump.
  6. Turn on the fans and spray pump, inducing air and water in a co-current direction over the bundle, and achieve the coldest possible process outlet temperature.