New Custom Made Cooling Towers

  • Custom Built for Your Needs
  • Resilient in cold weather
  • Counterflow and Crossflow Available
  • Film and Splash Fill Available
  • Add Cells to Your Exisiting Tower
  • Modular Packaged Towers Available
  • Replacement Parts Ready to Order

CF Series Cooling Towers

Customers choose counterflow towers because theyre resilient in cold weather and space efficient. Counterflow towers have also been recognized for leaving smaller environment footprints than those of crossflow towers.

CFU Series Cooling Towers

Who said cooling towers had to be eyesores? Our double-wall towers can provide you with the industrial-strength cooling you need without compromising valued landscapes

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. Our Towers are also available with high-efficiency film fill.

XF Series Cooling Towers

Customers challenged with hard water environments benefit most from the crossflow tower design, which offers reduced drift and recirculation, a low static-pressure drop and increased air-per-fan horsepower.

Add Cell Series Cooling Towers

Cooling Tower Depot® can provide counterflow or crossflow add cells to exactly match your existing tower, regardless of original manufaturer.

Plume Abated Series Cooling Towers

A Cooling tower available in wood, FRP or concrete. A unique design for low or no plume from the fan cylinder with all the options of CFF series low noise towers also available.