Allow us to give you a little insight into our engineering process and see how we can assist in your new cooling tower construction or refurbishment

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Detailed Inspection

  • Document deviations from original design and any areas where originial design is deficient
  • Report delivered that communicates tower condition

Define the Scope of Work

  • Inspection, Engineering and Design team review inspection findings to identify a scope of work
  • Identify source of deficiencies and review original design criteria

Develop Repair Plan

  • Consider means and methods of construction used for implementing new materials.
  • Review end user constraints, process demands and schedule.

Management of Change (MOC)

  • Summary of tower original design criteria
  • Identify issues that were corrected
  • Specifications of materials used
  • Location of changes that are made
  • Detailed AS-Built drawings and calculation package

Job Safety Analysis (JSA)

  • Training
  • Review differences in materials used and appropriate method for safe implementation

Procurement of Project Material

  • Reference management of change and repair plan to procure the correct project material.
  • Consider special equipment needed for installation of new materials

Execution of the Project Scope

  • Mobilization of repair forces and equipment
  • Review differences original design and new design, ensure changes are feasible
  • QA/QC Review to document deviations in completed work from repair plan and coordinate into final “as-built” drawings